Absolutely! There are several ways you can get paid for writing video game articles or blogs:

Freelance Writing: Many websites, blogs, and online magazines pay freelance writers for video game content. You can pitch your ideas to them or respond to job postings seeking writers.

Content Creation Platforms: Platforms like Medium, Substack, or Patreon allow writers to publish their content and monetize it through subscriptions, donations, or pay-per-view models. For more information please visit ok win

Gaming Websites and Magazines: Some gaming websites and magazines hire staff writers or accept contributions from freelancers. Keep an eye on their careers or submissions pages for opportunities.
Content Mills: While not always the most lucrative option, content mills like Textbroker or Upwork sometimes have writing gigs for gaming-related content.

Self-Publishing: You can create your own blog or website dedicated to gaming and monetize it through ads, affiliate marketing, or sponsored content.

Social Media and Content Platforms: Platforms like TikTok, YouTube, or Twitch offer opportunities for gamers to create content and earn money through ads, sponsorships, and donations.
Game Development Companies: Some game development companies hire writers to create content for their games, such as lore, character backgrounds, or in-game dialogue.

To increase your chances of success, focus on building a portfolio of high-quality writing samples, network with others in the gaming industry, and stay updated on trends and news within the gaming community.